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Cepheid Variable - AggieCon Collection
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AggieCon/Cepheid Materials, T-Shirts, and Posters

Box S5-5, Cons and Fanzines

Cepheid Variable membership list, Fall 1976


  • AggieCons, various badges
  • AggieCon 5 (1974) - 13 (1982), donated by Ted Mahler
  • AggieCon 16 (1984)
  • AggieCon 20 (1989)
  • AggieCon 21 (1990)
  • AggieCon 26 (1995)
  • AggieCon 34 (2003)
  • AggieCon 39 (2008)
  • AggieCon 46 (2015)
  • OtherCon 3 (1979)


  • BS #1, College Station, TX: S.Y. Shelton, ed., April 1976
  • Cepheid Variable #4, Gary S. Mattingly, ed., May 1971
  • Cepheid Variable #6, College Sation, TX: Bob Stahl, ed., December 1971 Cepheid Variable #7, College Station, TX: Bob Stahl, ed., 1972 Gavelkind #5, Bryan, TX: CRAB Nebula Science Fiction Club, Summer 1981 Index to SF Cover Art #1 - 3, Bryan, TX: Bill Page, auth., 1979-1980 Overload #1, College Station, TX: Su Masters, ed., 1971 Starburst, Cepheid Variable, 1984? Weird Tails: Humor in A Paleozoic Vein #2, Houston, TX: John Moffitt, ed., Summer 1975 The White Hole #2, Cepheid Variable, 1981

Other Materials

  • Great Pumpkin Halloween Party invitations, 1984-1991
  • "The Monkey House Chronicles" timeline of the history of CV and The Monkey House, Bill Page, comp., November 2009
  • Thank you note from 'Scott', December 1988
  • Various event flyers and advertisements, 1990-1992, 2007, Undated

Box S5-06, T-Shirts

  • Pink cotton t-shirt produced for Cameron Harrell, CV Chair 2013-2014. Depicts "girl version" of Harrell as suggested by AggieCon Guest of Honor Martin Whitmore.
  • Orange poly-cotton t-shirt reading "Crab Nebula SF & F", Undated
  • Red poly-cotton t-shirt reading "Thrilling Monkey Tales", Undated

Box S5-07, Posters

Promotional posters for Aggiecon and Cepheid Variable-related events on campus.

  • "AggieCon 16"
  • "MSC Cepheid Variable presents Roger Zelazny"
  • "One Million Years B.C."
  • "The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao"
  • "The Lost World"
  • "The Day The Earth Stood Still"
  • "Forbidden Planet"
  • "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"
  • "Brigadoon"
  • "The Time Machine"
  • "Poltergeist: Fact or Fantasy?"
  • "The Point, by Harry Nilsson"

Art, Fanzines, Clippings, and Other Materials from AggieCon/Cepheid Variable

S2-2/01 AggieCon - Miscellaneous art

S2-2/02 "Star Wars Fan Stuff"

S2-2/03 Cepheid Variable - Miscellaneous artwork, photos, and negatives

S2-2/04 Cepheid Variable (Fanzine) - assorted issues

S2-2/05 BS (Fanzine), 1976, and AggieCon reports

S2-2/06 Cepheid Variable Club Fanzines

S2-2/07 Variable Magnatude (Fanzine), Cepheid Variable

S2-2/08 Brain Death (Fanzine) Cepheid Variable

S2-2/09 Brain Death (Fanzine) Cepheid Variable, originals

S2-2/10 Cepheid Variable Newspaper clippings

S2-2/11 Star Trek

S2-2/12 IguanaCon 1978 Booklets

S2-2/13 DragonCon 1998 - Program Book

S2-2/14 Stanley (Fanzine) No. 13, Cepheid Variable. Uncollated

S2-2/15 Stanley (Fanzine) No. 15, Cepheid Variable Layouts

S2-2/16 Stanley (Fanzine) No. 16, Cepheid Variable Layouts

S2-2/17 F. A. C. T. Sheet (Fanzine) 1988-2001

S2-2/18 NASFA Shuttle (Fanzine) 1998-2000

S2-2/19 Southern Fandom Confederation Bulletin (Fanzine) 1998-2002

S2-2/20-24 Fanzines, Miscellaneous (5 folders)

S2-2/25 Conventions

S2-2/26 Newsletters

S2-2/27 Miscellaneous material on AggieCon from the World Wide Web

S2-2/28 Science Fiction Writers of Earth. Online Newsletter. 63 p.
The first section details the origin of the Science Fiction Writers of Earth and AggieCon in 1979, and comments on AggieCon.

Cepheid Variable - AggieCon Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000219
  • Collection
  • 1969-2024

The collection consists of the program books, documents, correspondence, and miscellaneous items collected by the Cepheid Variable Science Fiction Club from its inception in 1969 through 2005. The collection was assembled from deposits of the club, gifts from Bill Page, and other occasional donors.

Cepheid Variable

Con Shirts

“AggieCon XI” 2 dark blue shirts

“AggieCon XII Vice-Chairman” 1 blue shirt

“AggieCon Fifteen” 2 black shirts

“What A Find!: Phoenix in ’93 WorldCon Bid” (blue) – 2 shirts

Correspondence, Other Cons, Fanzines, and Other Documents

S3-3/1 Gavelkind, No. 1, Spring 1980

S3-3/2 Gavelkind, No. 2, Summer 1980

S3-3/3 Gavelkind, No. 3, Fall 1980

S3-3/4 Gavelkind, No. 4, Winter 1981

S3-3/5 Gavelkind, No. 5, July 1981

S3-3/6 Gavelkind, No. 6, August 1983

S3-3/7 Texas SF Inquirer, No. 6, December 1983

S3-3/8 Stanley No. 18, 1974

S3-3/9 MSC Cepheid Variable Starburst (1981?)

S3-3/10 The White Hole, Spring 1980

S3-3/11 Stanley No. 19, (1977?)

S3-3/12 Stanley No. 15, Undated

S3-3/13 The Newsletter of Former Cepheids, March 25, 1988

S3-3/14 Steve Gould, photograph, Bryan Eagle, Undated

S3-3/15 Petition of Withdrawal, (Cepheid Variable), Undated

S3-3/16 Cepheid Variable Film Poll, Spring 1978

S3-3/17 Cepheid Variable Committee Meeting, November 21, 1977

S3-3/18 Sunburst No. 3, August 1985

S3-3/19 IguanaCon Hugo Final Ballot, 1977

S3-3/20 FilkCon Flyer/Progress Report 1, 1979

S3-3/21 SeaCon 84 Flyer (Great Britain)

S3-3/22 DCon ’79 Flyer

S3-3/23 HoustonCon/MiniCon Flyer, 1981

S3-3/24 ArmadilloCon II, 1980. Flyer (2)

S3-3/25 This is Los Blues Guys, 1992

S3-3/26 Starburst (1983?)

S3-3/27 Notes from the Circular File, Supplement, November 1978

S3-3/28 HSFS Directory, March 1972 (Houston)

S3-3/29 InstaCon 1983 (Cepheid Variable)

S3-3/30 Tales from the Cepheid Mythos, Vol. 1, No. 1, March 1984

S3-3/31 ArmadilloCon Schedule, Undated

S3-3/32 Cepheid Variable Member List, Fall 1971

S3-3/33 Cepheid Variable Movie Flyers and advertising

S3-3/34 Cepheid Variable Correspondence

S3-3/35 Miscellaneous flyers

S3-3/36 Brad Foster Correspondence

S3-3/37 Miscellaneous Cards, Announcements, etc.

S3-3/38 WunderFest (Wichita Falls, TX)

S3-3/39 The Fudge Factor, June 1988. (Cepheid Constant)

S3-3/40 Alpha Centaura Communicator V. 4, No. 11, (Whole No. 57)

S3-3/41 A Nebulous Affair, Newsletter of the Crab Nebula Science Fiction and Fantasy Society

S3-3/42 CollegeCon Newsletter, 1980. (University of Houston)

S3-3/43 ErratiCon Correspondence, Undated

S3-3/44 Just Let Me Be, by T. W. Knowles, II

S3-3/45 A Child’s Garden of Aversions, M. M. Momrath

S3-3/46 DCon ’73 Program Book

S3-3/47 Take My Soul, Please! Tales of the Cepheid Mythos, Vol. II, October 1984

S3-3/48 Steve Gould/Laura Mixon Wedding Planning Newsletter: The Laura-and-Steve-are-gonna-
do-it Steering Committee Newsletter

S3-3/49 Notes from the Circular File, Vol. 1, no. 1, June 1, 1978

S3-3/50 Notes from the Circular File, Vol. II, no. 1.

S3-3/51 Notes from the Circular File, Vol. II, no. 2, Undated.

S3-3/52 Songs from the Tube, Vol. 1

S3-3/53 Songs from the Tube, II

S3-3/54 The Klingon Joke Book, Vol. 1, 1984

S3-3/55 Lisa Tuttle Party Invitation, Undated

S3-3/56 Mid-American Flyer, 1972

S3-3/57 The Illuminated Book of Songs, 1977

S3-3/58 The Ambiguous Duac Mind, Vol. 1, No. 1Sasha’s Soliloquy, Supplement to Nova No. 10, Undated

S3-3/59 Dirty Little Girls, No. 1, Undated

S3-3/60 Certificate of Commission, Earth Defense Command, 1985

S3-3/61 AggieCon VIII Amateur Art Contest. Rules of Entry

S3-3/62 Our Story Thus Far (The Ultimate Artists Jam), ed. by Brad W. Foster. 1985

S3-3/63 Chad Oliver Roast Booklet

S3-3/64 OtherCon (College Station, TX)

S3-3/65 AggieCon 36, 2005.

S3-3/66 Cepheid Variable/Monkey House History. Correspondence, etc.

S3-3/67 Weird Tails V. 1, No. 1. Fanzine.

S3-3/68 The AggieCon-Cordance (AggieCon XIII, 1982), with letter to Margaret (Middleton), January 1983.

S3-3/69 “Something Weird,” by Vancy Manning and Jewel Franklin. The Review V. 1, No. 2, March 1969. The first report of Cepheid Variable in a magazine.

S3-3/70 Brazos Life: “AggieCon highlights sci-fi chicks”

S3-3/71 AggieCon 39 program.

S3-3/72 AggieCon 39 documents.

S3-3/73 Thrilling Monkey Tales, August 1983.

S3-3/74 Tales from the Cepheid Mythos.

S3-3/75 Tales from the Cepheid Mythos, Volume II.

S3-3/76 Cepheid Tombstones.

S3-3/77 Tales from the Gravity Well, the Spring ’87 Cepheid Variable Fanzine.

S3-3/78 Miscellaneous flyers.

S3-3/79 GeezerCon 1 (OtherCon 7) brochures.

S3-3/80 Miscellaneous AggieCon memorabilia: 2 buttons, 1 card, 1 nametag, 1 headband.

S3-3/81 The Eagle, May 20, 2006, Cepheid Variable profile.

S3-3/82 “I Want You for Cepheid Variable!” flyer, Fall 2010.

S3-3/83 Hal Hall, Cepheid correspondence, December 2005 - May 2008.

S3-3/84 Miscellaneous AggieCon flyers circa 1970s; includes artwork mock-ups and undated Constitution.

S3-3/85 Fanzines: Burstar; Light Plastic #3, 4, and 5; N.A.P.A.L.M.; Oh, What a Beautiful Cover!; SPACE; Stanley #16, 17, and 18; Starburst Nooseletter September 1983, Undated 1983-1984; Texas Fandom 1981; Texas SF Inquirer August 1983.

S3-3/86 Fanzines: Gavelkind 6; Reality… Fact or Fiction?; Tales from the Cepheid Mythos.

S3-3/87 Fanzines: Take My Soul, Please!; Tales from the Cepheid Mythos; Tales from the Gravity Well.

S3-3/88 AggieCon 7 and 10 programs; OtherCon Six and Two-Thirds Brochure.

Goble Award

This item is an example of the "Goble Awards", which was a joke honor awarded to the Cepheid who did the dumbest thing in the course of the year. The Award, cast in lead, was named for former Cepheid president Steve Goble, and depicts a rocket having crashed into the surface of the Moon.

This particular Goble Award has some damage on the fins of the rocket, which were the result, apparently, of being gnawed on by a cat belonging to a Cepheid of the time.

March 2024 Addendum

1-1/1: AggieCon VI [March 28 - 30, 1975], Brochure/program, 1975

1-1/2: AggieCon 52 [March 3 - 5, 2023], Program, 2023

1-1/3: AggieCon 53 [March 3 - 5, 2023], Badges and badge templates, 2023

1-1/4: AggieCon 54 [February 2 - 4, 2024], Programs, 2024

Folder 1: The Battalion, February 8, 2024, w/coverage of AggieCon (2 copies)

Cepheid Variable

Oversized Posters

"Cepheid Variables Science Fiction Presents Authors Keith Laumer and Harlan Ellison at AggieCon V" (1974)

"Hi, Ags. My Presence In Your Trivial Galaxy Is a Phenomenon Attributable to The Occurrence of AggieCon VI" (1975)

"Dark Star"

"Nosferatu: The Vampyre"

"Time After Time"

"The Day of the Dolphin"

Program Books and Materials from AggieCon/Cepheid Variable

S1-1/1: Program Books 7-10

S1-1/2: Program Books 11-16

S1-1/3: Program Books 17-20

S1-1/4: Program Books 21-25

S1-1/5: Program Books 26-30

S1-1/6: Program Books 31-33, 35, 36, 37

S1-1/7: Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. The Drastic Dragon of Draco, Texas. Photocopy of the final draft, October 29, 1985 (part 1)

S1-1/8: Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. The Drastic Dragon of Draco, Texas. Photocopy of the final draft, October 29, 1985 (part 2)

S1-1/9: AggieCon Convention Badges (assorted)

S1-1/10: Cepheid Variable Documents, 1988-1995

S1-1/11: Cepheid Variable Audit Report, 1994

S1-1/12: MSC Cepheid Variable End of Year Report, 1989-1990

S1-1/13: AggieCon 21 End of Year Report, 1990

S1-1/14: Cepheid Variable Notes and History, 1995

S1-1/15: Cepheid Variable Photographs of an unidentified group (2); Joe Lansdale, Joe and Karen Lansdale, Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Becky Matthews.

S1-1/16: Cepheid Variable Receipts, Ramada Inn, 1969

S1-1/17: AggieCon II, III, IV

S1-1/18: AggieCon VI

S1-1/19: AggieCon VII

S1-1/20: AggieCon VIII

S1-1/21: AggieCon IX

S1-1/22: AggieCon X

S1-1/23: AggieCon XI

S1-1/24: AggieCon XVII Flyer

S1-1/25: AggieCon XXII Gaming Notes

S1-1/26: AggieCon XXII Guest Addresses

S1-1/27: AggieCon XXII Schedule of Programs

S1-1/28: AggieCon XXIII Programming

S1-1/29: AggieCon XXIV Schedule, 1993

S1-1/30: AggieCon XXV Paste-up, 1994

S1-1/31: AggieCon Receipts and Documents, 1995

S1-1/32: AggieCon XXVI Contracts and Documents, 1995

S1-1/33: AggieCon XXVII Contracts, 1996

S1-1/34: AggieCon XXVII Documents, 1996

S1-1/35: AggieCon XXIX Program Book Paste-up

S1-1/36: Cepheid Variable purchase authorizations, 1995-1996

S1-1/37: AggieCon Director’s Statement, Undated

S1-1/38: "Beyond Genocide", speech by Damon Knight at AggieCon, 1978

S1-1/39: Cepheid Variable documents, 1991

S1-1/40: Cepheid Variable documents, 1992

S1-1/41: Cepheid Variable documents, 1993

S1-1/42: Cepheid Variable documents, 1994-1995

S1-1/43: Cepheid Variable Logs, Spring 1991-1994

S1-1/44: Cepheid Variable unsorted documents, 1987-1999

S1-1/45: "History of Science Fiction and Fantasy at Texas A&M University and in Brazos County, Texas, 1913-1985", by Bill Page (129 p). Contains much information about AggieCon and Cepheid Variable.

S1-1/46: Miscellaneous Documents Relating to Cepheid Variable and AggieCon

S1-1/47: Aggiecon 39

Promotional Posters

Promotional posters for Aggiecon and Cepheid Variable-related events on campus.

“2001 A Space Odyssey”
“Slaughter House 5”
“The Day of the Dolphin”
“Close Encounters of the Third Kind”
“The Wizards”
“Young Frankenstein”
“AggieCon X HQ”
“The Magic Sword”
“Watership Down”
“The Lord of the Rings”
“Star Trek”
“2001 A Space Odyssey”
“The Hutsah Puppet Theatre Performs The Hobbit”
“Welcome to AggieCon III”