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Wipprecht Family Papers
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Glass Plate Negative Copies - Wipprecht Family Photographs

S1-2-1: 5 x 7-inch photograph reprints of glass negatives in S2-1 (30 miscellaneous photographs)

S1-2-2: Negative strips from S1-2-1

S1-2-3: 5 x 7-inch photograph reprints of glass negatives in S2-2 (30 miscellaneous photographs)

S1-2-4: Negative strips from S1-2-3

S1-2-5: 5 x 7-inch photograph reprints of glass negatives in S2-3 (30 miscellaneous photographs)

S1-2-6: Negative strips from S1-2-5

Photographs, Correspondence and Miscellaneous A&M Materials

S1-1-1: Photographs - Family and Friends, 1864-1921

Walter Wipprecht (Sr.). June 3, 1864
William Kimble Read, list of graduation dates from TAMC, UV and Tulane U. on back. 1871[?]
Paul Wipprecht. September 1881
F. E. Gieske. April 27, 1886
Paul B. [?]. April 28, 1889
Carl Wipprecht in cadet uniform. 1917 or 1918 [?]
Father Geismen of Bryan, Texas (St. Anthony’s Catholic Church)
W[alter] Wipprecht [Jr.]. 1921

S1-1-2 Photographs - Family and Friends, all Undated

Elizabeth and Paul Wipprecht
Paul Wipprecht and other unidentified people
Walter Wipprecht [Jr.] (left) and Paul Wipprecht (right)
Richard Lucas and W[alter] Wipprecht, Jr.
Walter Wipprecht [Jr.?]
Carl Wipprecht
Louise Burnett and Amelia Benson
Julian Booth and Jack [?]
Gutman Finley
Pil Dohman
Walter Gillis, J. B.[?], R. B. Jackson, Frank Grady, and George Smith
Pit Dohman (2 photos)
Nell Wilkerson
Unknown group photo on tin plate (possibly Wipprecht’s)

S1-1-3 Photographs - Cadet Walter Wipprecht and Fellow Cadets, 1883-1887

W[alter] Wipprecht (Sr.). July 7, 1882
Walter Wipprecht (Sr.) College Station, TX. December 15, 1883 (copy made by Carl Wipprecht)
Rudolph Flach. June 1885
Franz Flach. June 1885
J. L. Gray Brenham, TX. December 15, 1883
Fred Von Rosenbury. Undated
Detert [?] by photographer R. T. Hunter Bryan, TX. Undated
[?] Freeman by photographer R.T. Hunter Bryan, TX. Undated
N. A. Dawson Austin, TX. December 15, 1883
J. B. Queen Bryan, TX. December 25, 1883
A. Ponaunfels. Undated
A. F. Armstrong. January 1883
B. L. Mackensen Belton, TX. December 15, 1883
B. E. Knoth Industry Austin County, TX. Undated
Teo. W. Roach (class of ’13). December 10, 1883
Class of R. E. Pemmington. December 15 1883
[?] Andrews Austin, TX. Undated
Wilson T. McAair. June 7, 1887
L. E. Allen Marlin, TX. May 23, 1887
K. Mcbueccock June [?] 1885
R. B. Greeu December 15, 1883
W[alter] Wipprecht. December 15, 1883
Unknown TAMC Corps of Cadet. Undated
Unknown TAMC Corps of Cadet. Undated
Carter [Wipprecht]. Undated
Wilson [Wipprecht?] by Hunter Brothers photo Bryan, TX. 1883
Fred Von Rosenbury by Photographer E. C. Lewis Bryan, TX. Undated

S1-1-4 Photographs - Friends of Professor Dr. Rudolph Wipprecht and Wife Julia Kapp, all Undated

Dr. Ben Kwalle Industry [and his wife?]. Undated
James Walker, family friend and editorial writer of Galveston News. Undated

S1-1-5 Photographs of Mr. & Mrs. H. H. Dinwiddy and Niece, 1883

H. H. Dinwiddy, Professor of Chemistry and Chairman of the Faculty of Texas A&M College. July 1883 (2 copies)
Mrs. H. H. Dinwiddy. Undated (3 photos)

S1-1-6: Photographs - Non-family or Unknown Individuals, 1885-1917

Unknown group. Undated
Ada Richer, College Station, TX. June 9, 1885
[?] Ballinger. Undated
Mr. [?] Hood. Undated
Andrew and Bobb Travis [as children] College Station, TX. Undated
Unknown family. Undated
Unknown house. Undated
Frances Williamson [as child]. Undated
Wesley Michael Nagle [as child]. January 12, 1905
Unnamed man (possibly Walter Wipprecht). July 1917

S1-1-7 Old Brazos County Courthouse, 1892-1893; circa 1920s

(Old) Brazos County Courthouse with David and Ann Kernodle in foreground. circa 1920s
(Old) Brazos County Courthouse. Undated
(Old) "Brazos County Courthouse built in 1892 demolished in 1954". 1892-1893

S1-1-8 Photographs - Children of Walter Wipprecht, Sr., 1896-1902

Milking cow named "Queen Muriel of Bryan", owned by Carl Wipprecht Bryan, TX. Undated (2 photos)
Walter Wipprecht Jr., Football at Bryan High School, Born September 21, 1902, A&M Class of ’26. Undated
Welch Wipprecht [as young girl], Born April 25, 1894. Undated
Ida Wipprecht [as young girl]. December 7, 1896; Ida Wipprecht. 1914
Ida Welch Wipprecht 5 months old Born April 25, 1894. Undated
Read Wipprecht (born December 17, 1895), Ida Welch Wipprecht (Born April 25, 1894), and Carl Wipprecht (Born August 9, 1897). Undated
Walter Wipprecht Jr.. Undated

S1-1-9 Photographs - Early Texas A&M College, Undated; pre-1911

Old Main Building. Undated (pre-1911)
Texas A&M Campus buildings, Gathright Hall and Old Main. Undated (pre-1911)
Gathright Hall. Undated (pre-1911)
TAMC Barns. Undated
Pfeuffer Hall. Undated
Mechanical Engineering Shop. Undated (2 photographs)
Inside of Mechanical Engineering Shop. Undated
(old) Chapel. Undated
Corps of Cadets firing artillery cannon. Undated

S1-1-10 Photographs - Walter Wipprecht Family Farm, 1921; Undated

Sheep. Undated
Cotton plant on automobile. Undated
Model T Ford automobile in cottonfield. Undated
Person in cotton field [possibly Walter Wipprecht Sr.]. Undated (2 photos)
Cotton field. September 9, 1921 (2 photos)
Hogs. Undated (4 photos)
Farm cat. Undated (2 photos)
Post Oak. Undated
Mesquite shrub. Undated
Pastureland. Undated
Steer. Undated
Snake. Undated

S1-1-11 Photographs - Walter Wipprecht, Sr. and Jr., 1935

W. Wipprecht. Undated
Walter Wipprecht. Undated
John David Kernodle standing in 20 acre plot of pine trees on the Walker Place Farm (near Jandy Creak) Brazos Country, TX. Undated
Unknown person on left photo; Walter Wipprecht Jr. (right photo) on his experiment pine planting on the Thomson Creek Farm. Undated
Thompson Creek Pine Stand, 3rd Walter Wipprecht owner and planter (also known as Walter Place). Undated
Two horseback riders in the snow on Walter Wipprecht Jr.’s farm. Undated
Walter Wipprecht Jr.’s Farm in Brazos County. Undated
Unknown horseback rider and man on Walter Wipprecht Jr.’s Farm. Undated
Unknown farmers on Walter Wipprecht Jr.’s farm Undated
Five farmers on Walter Wipprecht Jr.’s farm. Undated
Pine trees on Walter Wipprecht Jr.’s farm. 1935
Unknown man in pine. Undated
Two unknown people and Walter Wipprecht Jr. (on left). Undated
Walter Wipprecht Jr.. Undated

S1-1-12: Photograph - Reed and Carl Wipprecht, Carl Wipprecht Jr., Undated

S1-1-13: Photographs - Stephen F. Austin High School (Bryan, TX), 50th Anniversary Reunion, 1989

Classes of 1938-40 Stephan F. Austin High School, Bryan, TX. July 1-2, 1989
Marvin Hagemeir - Class of 1938, Stephan F. Austin High School, Bryan, TX. July 1, 1989
David Kernodle, Lena Marie Adams Mullard, Anne Kernodle Matthews. July [1-2], 1989
Jo Ann McCullough. July [1&2] 1989
Mary Goodlet & David Kernodle Bryan High School Reunion. June 8, 1985
John David Kernodle on far right, Mae Goodlet. June 8 1985
Class of ’42, 50th reunion Texas A&M, Gene Geer (right) and David Kernodle (center). Undated
Mr. and Mrs. David Fitch, C. D. Reeves, Dorothy Reeves Nee Thomson, and David Kernodle. Undated

S1-1-14: Photograph - Ida Wipprecht Kernodle, 1967

S1-1-15: Photographs - Miscellaneous, all Undated

House - "similar to style of Julia Wipprecht’s [house]" [Bryan, TX?]
Children on a Horse
Marcella Hurt’s Donkey Cart
Unidentified woman
Unidentified man
Unidentified man
Unidentified house
Unidentified house
Unidentified man
Unidentified man on horseback
Farm hands? Group photo Undated
Farm hands? in cotton field (2 photos)
Royal wedding, coronation, or formal event [?]
Children in front of house
Unidentified women on porch

S1-1-16: Photograph Negatives, all Undated

Farm bonfire/wood pile [?]
Barn (2 negatives)
Two men
Picnic (2 negatives)
Hogs (3 negatives)
Man standing and man on horseback
Post oak tree
Shed [?]
Pasture with animal lean-two
Wood pile
Two men on horseback
Mesquite trees (2 negatives)
Farm shed
Debris (5 negatives)
Farm cat (2 negatives)
Farm roof
Horses hitched to a buggy
Cotton field
Nacogdoches Elm Tree with newspaper clipping about famous elm tree
Man in field
Child near farm house
Home in town/city
Stable near church
Woman (2 negatives)
Woman in front of house (2 negatives)
Woman with infant
Children at play
Man with milking cow (5 negatives)
Milking cow
Milking cows
Three women in winter garb
Church steeple
Women on a tree stump

S1-1-17: Carl Wipprecht Photographic Scrapbook, Undated

S1-1-18: Photographs - A&M College Mule and Foal, June 12, 1920

"A Fertile Mare Mule and Some Facts of Her Foaling". June 12, 1920
Two photos of mule and foal (2 pages)

S1-1-19: Personal Correspondence and News Clippings, 1881-1934

Correspondence to [?] from W. D. Whitney and R[udolph] Wipprecht. November 12, 1881 (2 pages)
Correspondence to Rudolph Wipprecht from W. J. Knapp. December 17, 1881 (2 pages)
Correspondence to J. Brill from W. J. Knapp. September 7, 1884
Correspondence to [?] from Julie Wipprecht. March 31, 1919 (2 pages)
Correspondence in German to [?] from K[?] [illegible?]. Undated
Correspondence to Waco Auto Loan Company from W[alter] Wipprecht [Sr.?]. November 23, 1923
"Summer Against Harrington". Undated
Newspaper clipping of "Swamp Chestnut Oak" from [?] Forest News. June 1936

S1-1-20: Correspondence, Calendar and Greeting Card, 1936-1937

A&M College Foreign Exchange Student (China) Correspondence, 1936
Japanese watercolor illustration with small calendar for the year 1937
Japanese watercolor Christmas greeting card from J. Watanabe. Undated
Correspondence to Elisabeth Wipprecht from C. L. Hu. May 18, 1936 (3 copies)

S1-1-21: Correspondence - Teachers Retirement Fund, June 1937 - February 1946

NOTE: Contains Sensitive Information
To W[alter]. Wipprecht [Sr?] from W. H. Holzmann. June 25, 1937 (2 pages)
To "Gentleman" from W[alter]. Wipprecht. June 9, 1938 (1 page]
To Walter Wipprecht [Sr?] from Mortimer Brown. May 27, 1938
To Mortimer Brown from W[alter]. Wipprecht. May 30, 1938
To Walter Wipprecht from B. B. Sapp. September 22, 1942
TRS Certificate issued to Walter Wipprecht [Sr?]. September 22, 1942
W[alter]. Wipprecht [Sr?]. April 21, 1945
To Walter Wipprecht from G. W. McDaniel. September 10, 1945
To W[alter]. Wipprecht from W. H. Holzmann. September 17, 1945
To W[alter]. Wipprecht from W. H. Holzmann. January 2, 1946
To W[alter]. Wipprecht from W. H. Holzmann. January 2, 1946
To Walter Wipprecht from G. W. McDaniel. January 10, 1946 [1 page, 1 ticket]
To W. C. Mitchell from W. Graham. January 11, 1946
To "Gentleman" from C. D. Ownby. January 11, 1946 [1 pages]
To Walter Wipprecht [Sr?] from W. C. Mitchell. January 15, 1946
To E. B. Sapp from C. D. Ownby. January 30, 1946
To Walter Wipprecht [Sr?] from G. W. McDaniel. February 1, 1946
Teachers Retirement System of Texas rules and guidelines. Undated (4 pages)

S1-1-22: Correspondence, September 1949 - August 1950

To Walter Wipprecht [Jr?] from H. A. Widdecke - September 7, 1949 ; H. A. Widdecke to W[alter]. Wipprecht [Jr?]. December 2, 1949 ; From W[alter]. Wipprecht [Jr?] to H. A. Widdecke. November 16, 1949 ; "He Found the City Men Said Never Existed" article clipping from Business Week. October 29, 1949
To Walter Wipprecht [Jr?] from H. A. Widdecke. July 19, 1950
To Walter Wipprecht [Jr?] from H. A. Widdecke. August 29, 1950 ; Walter Wipprecht [Jr?] to H. A. Widdecke. August 1, 1950

S1-1-23: Correspondence - Old San Antonio Road, 1947-1951

"Providing for Preservation of the Old San Antonio Road". January 7, 1949 (2 pages)
To Judge Ware from Walter Wipprecht [Jr?]. October 24, 1947
To Bill Moore from W[alter]. Wipprecht [Jr?]. January 6, 1948
To A. S. Ware from W[alter]. Wipprecht [Jr?]. February 19, 1948
To D. C. Greer from A. S. Ware. February 20, 1948
To A. S. Ware from D. C. Greer. March 1, 1948
To State Highway Department Receipts from Motor Vehicle Registrations in Brazos County, TX. August 1, 1948
To A. W. Ware from W[alter] Wipprecht [Jr.?]. September 13, 1948
To A. S. Ware from D. C. Greer. September 14, 1948
To D. C. Greer from W[alter] Wipprecht [Jr.?]. October 1, 1948
To John S. Redditt from W[alter] Wipprecht [Jr.?]. December 21, 1949
To Walter Wipprecht from Bill [William T. ] Moore. January 12, 1949
To William "Bill" T. Moore from W[alter]. Wipprecht [Jr.?]. January 19, 1949
To W[alter]. Wipprecht [Jr.?] from Bill [William T.]. Moore. January 21, 1949
To Bill Moore from W[alter]. Wipprecht [Jr.?]. January 24, 1949
To W[alter]. Wipprecht [Jr.] from Bill [William T.] Moore. January 25, 1949
To W. R. Potts from W[alter]. Wipprecht [Jr.?]. April 21, 1949
To William T. ["Bill"] Moore from W[alter]. Wipprecht [Jr.]. May 20, 1949
To Ike Ashburn from Walter Wipprecht [Jr.?]. January 10, 1951
"Providing for Preservation of Old San Antonio Road". Undated
"Providing for Preservation of Old San Antonio Road". March 19, 1949 (2 pages)

S1-1-24: Correspondence to Capt. [?] Jargenson from Jimmy Parsons. Undated (2 pages)

S1-1-25: Home Almanac, customized for the James and Wipprecht Leading Druggists (Bryan, TX). 1893 (34 pages)

S1-1-26: A&M College Commencement Program, 1907 and letter from Robert M. Ruff to A&M University found within program. August 1, 1999

S1-1-27: Service and Calf Record. 1925 (2 lists)

S1-1-28: "Texas History Movies: For Young and Old". 1928 (64 pages)

S1-1-29: "Color Bauties of a Century of Progress" building illustrations, Chicago. 1933 (32 pages)

S1-1-30: "Official Souvenir Guide Texas Centennial Exposition Texas Centennial Exposition" postcards. June 6 - November 1936 (112 pages)

S1-1-31: AMC Composite Regiment Ball. March 29, 1940 (7 pages)

S1-1-32: Small Black bound address book. 1941

S1-1-33: A&M Senior Banquet Program Class of 1942 (leather bound, possibly related to Wipprecht Jr.). May 14, 1942 (8 pages)

S1-1-34: Stephen F. Austin High School Class of 1943 Commencement Program. May 28, 1943 (4 pages)

S1-1-35: "A Man and his College". 1950 (15 pages)

S1-1-36: "You’re A&M College". 1950

S1-1-37: Reprint - Inauguration of the State Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas address given by Governor Richard Coke and Thos. S. Gathright, October 4, 1876. reprint 1951 (14 pages)

S1-1-38: "Son, Remember". 1951 (30 pages)

S1-1-39: "101 Aggie Jokes vol. 1". 1965 (47 pages)

S1-1-40: Business Cards, all Undated

W[alter] Wipprecht [?] (2 copies)
James & Wipprecht, The Leading Druggists
Military Property Custodian A&M College of Texas Clearance for Commandant … [blank]

S1-1-41: First Presbyterian Church. Undated (26 pages)

S1-1-42: Newspaper Article Clippings, 1973; Undated

"Work Crew Unearths 'Invaluable Collection'" from an unknown newspaper. Undated
"Seventy-Seven Years Serving the Brazos Valley" from The Bryan Daily Eagle. Undated
"For Whom Does the Bell Toll Since she Told?" from an unknown newspaper. Undated
"Senior Citizens honored during month of May" from The Pictorial Press. Undated
"EAC, Beautification Awards Given" from The Bryan Eagle. May, 7 1973

S1-1-43: Newspaper Article Clippings, all Undated

Typed corrections on article "Some Stories of Miss Ida" from Bryan Legends and Legacies by Betsy Kernodle Cabell
"Married" from unknown newspaper
"Will Rebuild this Season" from unknown newspaper
"Wipprecht--Reed" from unknown newspaper

S1-1-44: Oversized Materials, 1933-1942; Undated

60th Anniversary Souvenir Edition The Bryan News. 1936
"Action at Aggieland" The Bryan Daily Eagle. 1938
Carl Wipprecht Cattle Bloodlines. February 4, 1933
Long Class Reunion. 1942
A&M College Group Photo. Undated
Glass plate negative boxes (5 boxes)

Wipprecht Family Papers

  • US TxAM-C 1251
  • Collection
  • 1803-1973

The Wipprecht Family Papers is a collection of photographs, correspondence, and other items pertaining to the family of Walter Wipprecht (Sr.). The photographic collection spans the Wipprecht personal family ranch life in Bryan Texas to Texas A&M College and Bryan, TX early buildings. The collection includes several local newspapers, commemorative Bryan, TX memorabilia along with photographs of historic Texas A&M College during the early 1900s.

The collection includes light-sensitive glass plate negatives.

Wipprecht, Walter