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Wendell G. Swank Papers
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Swank Papers and Biographical Information

1-1: Biographical information about Wendell G. Swank

1-2: "Dove Wings Yield Important Information" by Swank. February 1950

1-3: A reprinted article from The Journal of Wildlife Management, "Feather Molt as an Aging Technique For Mourning Doves" by Swank. July 1955

1-4: "Nesting and Production of the Mourning Dove in Texas" by Swank. July 1955

1-5: "Protein and Phosphorus Content of Browse Plants as an Influence on Southwestern Deer Herd Levels" by Swank March. 1956

1-6: "The Status of Wildlife and Wilderness Areas in East Africa" by George A. Petrides and Swank. May 1960

1-7: "Manipulation of Hunting Regulations as a Management Measure" by Swank. 1962

1-8: "Population Densities and the range-Carrying Capacity for Large Mammals in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda" by George A. Petrides and Swank. 1965

1-9: "Status of the Leopard in Africa South of the Sahara" by James G. Teer and Swank. 1977

1-10: "Food of three upland game birds in Selegei Area, Kajiado District, Kenya" by Swank. 1977

1-11: "International Implication of Designating Species Endangered or Threatened" by James G. Teer and Swank. 1978

1-12: "Trap Avoidance by marked Nutria: A Problem in Population Estimation" by Thomas R. Simpson and Swank. 1978

1-13: "Dispersal of Restocked Eastern Wild Turkeys in East Texas" by Curtis R. Hopkins, Joseph J. Campo, Swank, and David J. Martin. 1982

1-14: "Waterfowl habitat Selection on Multipurpose Reservoir in East Texas" by Fred A. Johnson and Swank. 1982

1-15: "Wild Ungulates as Competitors of Livestock" by Swank. 1985

1-16: "Brood Habitat Use by Eastern Wild Turkeys in Eastern Texas" by Joseph J. Campo, Swank, and Curtis R. Hopkins. 1989

Wendell G. Swank Papers

  • US TxAM-C 1249
  • Collection
  • 1950-1989

This collection includes papers of Dr. Wendell G. Swank’s works who was a department faculty member in the Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Department at Texas A&M during the 1950s to 1980s.

Swank, Wendell G.