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William A. Baker Photograph Collection
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Bottom of a dock going out into the ocean [?] (no description)
Ocean [?] (no description)
Tree (no description)
View of 6th Ave NYC, from the roof of Barbizon Plaza Hotel
Construction of a boat (no description)
Bigger picture of 6th Ave NYC

Picture of the trunk of a tree on Orcas Island
Chartres Cathedral
Cypress Swamp in Wilmington, NC
Picture of a duck in a pond (no description)
Tower [?] (no description, 2 copies)
California scene, 1945
Quebec (2x)
Far away picture of a church [?] (no description)
The Road Down the Hill Stowe, Vermont
Ghost Trees on Bassett Island off of Massachusetts
Half Dome Yosemite
Lake/pond [?] (no description)

Random sailboats [?] (no description, 2x)
Leader and SoCony in New York [?] (no description)
On the Petaluma, California, 1945
Petaluma, California, 1945
On the Willamette, Oregon, August 1949
Governor Irwin, San Francisco
Chesapeake Bay Skip Jack
Summer Afternoon, Lanesville Harbor, Cape Ann, Massachusetts
Picture of sailboats (no description, 8x)
Skagit Belle- Seattle

Random Sailboats [?] (no description, 5x)
Columbia River, 1949 (2x)
Picture, taken off a boat (no description)
Mary and Louville Niles’ Boat [?] 1950s; Owned by Henry Stoles [?] 1983
More pictures of sailboats (no description, 6x)

Williamsburg, VA
Newagen, Maine
Williamsburg, VA
House (no description, 2x)
House in Cape Cod
USS Constitution, Boston
Boat (no description)
Maine (3x)
Newagen, Maine
Bay (no description)
Coast below Carmel, California

California (2x)
Rock in the ocean (no description)
Ocean, taken off a dock (no description)
San Francisco
Governor Markham, San Francisco (no description)
Petaluma, San Francisco
Petaluma (no description, 2x)
Governor Irwin, San Francisco (2x)
Petaluma, San Francisco (3x)
Camden, Maine

Duck in a pond (no description)
Essex, Massachusetts
Mayflower (no description)
Carmel, California
Chesapeake Bay Skipjack
Battleship waterline model
Detail of bow of scow schooner, San Francisco
San Francisco (2x)
Scow Schooners, San Francisco
San Francisco
Berkeley 1946, San Francisco - Oakland Ferry
Pemberton [?] (no description)
Picture of a boat (no description)

Skagit Belle, Seattle (3x)
Boat in the water (no description)
Chinook, Seattle
Princess Marguerite at either Seattle or Victoria
Claire-No description on back (2x)
Walter P Dolle (no description)
Volendam, Holland (2x)
Interlaken, Switzerland
Panama (no description)
Tycol [?] (no description)
Petaluma, San Fran Bay

Union Bay, Seattle
Reflection (no description)
Petaluma, San Francisco Bay
Claire (no description, 2x)
Skagit Belle, Seattle (3x)
Petaluma, San Francisco (2x)
YHB2, San Francisco (5x)

Mystic Seaport, Connecticut
Boats (no description)
Boats at sea (no description, 4x)
Black Pearl
Lurline in Bethlehem, San Francisco, 1948 (5x)
USS Hermitage, San Francisco

San Francisco (no description)
Delta Standard (no description)
USCGS Eagle, 1946 (3x)
Brenda, 1945
Envelope from Dawsonville, Colorado
Rocks/Ocean (no description)
New Britain, Connecticut
Balclutha (aka Star of Alaska and Pacific Queen) Sausalito, CA
Hallway inside a building [?] (no description)
Field/House (no description)
Draw bridge (no description)
Sailboats (no description)
Boat in water (no description)
St Georgia’s, Bermuda

Aunt Schooner, Puget Sound, 1916
Sail training ship, Esmeralda, or sister
Sausalito Yacht Harbor
Transylvania or Caledonia (2x)
Boat in the ocean (no description)
Mary Elizabeth, Salisbury, Massachusetts, 1952 [?]
Clara D Swett, Wellfleet, Massachusetts, 1966
Boat at sea (no description)
Essex, Massachusetts
Quincy, Massachusetts
St Georgia’s, Bermuda

Bay (no description)
Boston waterfront, 1933
Mollik…[?] (no description)
Inlet from a boat, Maine (no description)
[?] S Cullison, Camden (2x)
Deaver [?] (no description)
Claire (no description, 3x)
Sea, Boat at Sea (no description, 2x)
Pilot Boat, San Francisco

William A. Baker Photograph Collection

  • US TxAM-C 1206
  • Collection
  • 1916-1966

This collection consists of photographs that Baker took and/or acquired from a variety of sources. Some are reminiscent of Stebbins's photos and appear to be copy prints (especially the glass plate ones). Baker was a marine architect, historian, and author who lived in Massachusetts but traveled widely. Many of these were taken on a trip or trips to the West Coast in the late 1940s or early 1950s to Seattle, Columbia River, and San Francisco.