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Gideon J. Buck Collection
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Correspondence and News Clipping

Brief biography of Gideon J. Buck

Letters exchanged between Buck and L. S. Ross (2 pages handwritten). The letter from Ross to Buck is dated May 10, 1894.

Recommendation letters on behalf of Gideon J. Buck for the position of President of Texas A&M (folders 1/3 through 1/11).
From W. E. Collard from Austin, TX (1 page handwritten). January 7, 1898
To W. R. Cavitt from a man in Laredo, Texas (1 page typed). January 8, 1898

From J. S. Hogg to Hon. Gideon J. Buck in Austin, Texas (1 page typed). January 10, 1898
From J. G. Yeufrior (Downey, Cal.) to Hon. W. R Cavitt (1 page handwritten). January 14, 1898

Handwritten copy of January 10th letter in folder 1/4 (1 page).

From J. K. Shread (Waco, Texas) to J. S. Hogg (1 page handwritten). January 10, 1898
From J. S. Hogg (Austin, Texas) to Gideon J. Buck (1 page typed). January 31, 1898

To the Board of Directors of Texas A&M by a group of men in Waco, Texas. Their names are: J. K . Street , J. T. Morrison, Waller S. Baker , J.W. Taylor, R. E. Jouitis, Charles B. Pearre, R. W. Park, Lo. McCulluek, J. S. Sluoler, D. R. Gurly, E. Rotain, D. W. Naroly, and Sam R. Scott (3 pages typed). January 28, 1898

Handwritten copy of letter in folder 1/7 (4 pages).

From H. E. Willson in Taylor, Texas (2 pages handwritten). January 27, 1898

From Julian Garroll Kendrion M.D. (Downy, Cal.) to Judge Spenion Ford in Bryan, Texas (2 pages typed). February 1, 1898

From C. Pearre to unknown in Laredo, Texas (2 pages handwritten). February 8, 1898

Newspaper article announcing the death of J. C. Kendrick (xerox copy). June 1, 1906

Gideon J. Buck Collection

  • US TxAM-C 1149
  • Collection
  • 1894-1898

This collection includes letters written by Buck's friends and colleagues, recommending him for the position of President of A&M College of Texas.

Buck, Gideon J.