Coleção C000188 - Fern Marder and Carol Walske Fanzine Collection

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TxAM-CRS C000188

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Fern Marder and Carol Walske Fanzine Collection


  • 1966-1990 (Produção)


10 Boxes

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The Fern Marder & Carol Walske Fanzine Collection consists primarily of a large number of science fiction media fanzines (primarily fanfiction), mostly relating to Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS). Additional fanzines relate to other media, notably including Star Wars.

Also included in the collection are a large number of scripts (final versions and drafts) and storylines from various science fiction media, including episodes (several of them unproduced) of Star Trek (TOS); Star Wars (in its evolving incarnations); The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai; Blade Runner, and others. Some of this material consists of photocopies, while others are original production copies obtained by Marder or Walske at various intervals.

There are also some additional materials, including program books from various Star Trek conventions, as well as oversized materials that include issues of The Monster Times and foldout maps and blueprints from the Star Trek universe. The maps of the Trek universe are considered part of the Maps Of Imaginary Places Collection.

The majority of the contents in this collection consists of fan fiction. Fan fiction is the name given to literary or artistic productions created by fans about the characters, settings and events of the media universe in which they are interested. A small portion of the fanworks in the Marder and Walske Collection is identified as "slash” or as "het". "Slash" refers to fanworks that feature same-sex relationships and are sometimes (though not always) sexually explicit. In slash, sexual identity, sexuality and/or romance are often the centers of the story, rather than the conventional adventures featured in more traditional fanworks. "Het", like slash, refers to fanworks featuring sexual or romantic content, but with opposite-sex relationships.

Slash and het items are identified as such on the item folder. If an item is not identified as slash or het, it is to be assumed that the item is "gen" (containing no sexual or romantic content. Both slash and het items have been specifically identified because of their importance as highly visible fan fiction subcultures.

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This collection is arranged alphabetically, first by name of series or film (i.e. Star Trek), and thereunder by title of publication.

All other materials are arranged alphabetically.

(s) indicates slash material and (h) indicates het material

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These materials are stored offsite and require additional time for retrieval.

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Donation, via Morgan Dawn.

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This collection contains the Star Trek Maps [2 two-sided wall maps of the Federation and surrounding space, and accompanying technical manual, 1980]. These maps of the United Federation of Planets and the territories surrounding it are part of the Maps of Imaginary Places Collection.

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Voyager #4833305

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  • Conservação: Additional and Audiovisual Materials temporarily at Conservation for boxing, December 11, 2014.

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