Avram Davidson Files Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B0001 /index.php/mpqc-gzg2-3b28 Box
B0008 /index.php/tqzd-cazs-anz3 Box
B0004 /index.php/gsq8-zq67-3prs Box
S6 Miscellaneous 3 Series
B0014 /index.php/979b-3sds-dw8f Box
B0001 /index.php/db4w-hbg4-2cm9 Box
B0008 /index.php/y438-w8e7-rhcr Box
B0019 /index.php/qcg4-bhp4-23rr Box
B0021 /index.php/yrre-kchp-7rzw Box
B0026 /index.php/fp5b-pqpm-xrb6 Box
B0027 /index.php/xp2a-4w9t-pm55 Box
B0028 /index.php/9bps-9ygz-9d5e Box
B0029 /index.php/6qez-4t2b-7xcx Box
B0030 /index.php/qgff-d8x6-bb2g Box
B0035 /index.php/chpw-8eqt-8zcx Box
B0036 /index.php/85c2-geng-n6ka Box
S1 Miscellaneous Series
6 Miscellaneous Box
4 Research Files Box
13 Miscellaneous Box
14 Miscellaneous Box
1 Business Files Box
5 Research Files Box
1 University of Texas at El Paso Self-Filed Items Box
15 Miscellaneous Box
1 Miscellaneous 2 Box
10 Miscellaneous Box
B0003 /index.php/hew4-dadk-k6dm Box
B0006 /index.php/an28-a53s-3frb Box
B0007 /index.php/axpx-7any-cd3e Box
B0009 /index.php/apqw-6qc6-hfqy Box
B0001 /index.php/tytb-4ct8-339z Box
B0005 /index.php/smkn-pyhk-wwrk Box
B0009 /index.php/48cg-9th2-s4m2 Box
B0010 /index.php/g74a-kffp-c47f Box
B0012 /index.php/nfz7-z3t8-5mgm Box
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