Andre Norton Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
S3 Songsmith Manuscripts Series Undated
S5 Norton - Miscellaneous Videos Series 1986-2002; Undated
S6 Norton - Multiple Manuscripts Series Undated
S9 Knight or Knave Manuscripts Series Undated
S12 Miscellaneous Manuscripts, Interviews, and Books Series 1972-1997; Undated
9 Scroll and thank you notes to Andre Norton done at ChiCon Box 1982
10 Two drawings, and Miscellaneous Art Box 1973
S1 Norton - Miscellaneous Notes and Research Series 1952-1999; Undated
S7 Black Trillium Manuscripts Series 1989; Undated
S10 Tiger Burning Bright Manuscripts Series Undated
6 Elvenblood Box
8 A gift to Andre Norton by Sterling Lanier Box Undated
S4 Catfantastic II Manuscripts Series Undated
S13 Art, Gifts, and Thank You Notes Series 1973-1982; Undated
S14 Miscellaneous Clippings, Correspondence, Drafts, and Interviews Series 1965-1991; Undated
S2 Norton - Clipping Notebook Memorabilia Series 1950s-1980s
S8 The Warding of the Witch World Manuscripts Series Undated
S11 Elvenblood Manuscripts Series Undated
7 Miscellaneous Materials Box